Michael Greenberger, JD
Michael Greenberger
Reuters - December 23, 2010
A comment letter by Professor Greenberger is cited in this article about
ICE Trust pulling its application to register its credit default swaps
clearinghouse as a derivatives clearing organization pursuant to the
Commodity Exchange Act.
Fins.com - December 21, 2010
Professor Greenberger discusses the CFTC's push to hire more staff
to help implement Dodd-Frank.
Bloomberg - December 20, 2010
Professor Greenberger discusses Nasdaq's behind-the-scenes work
to curb bank control of clearinghouses.
Reuters - December 16, 2010
Professor Greenberger reacts to CFTC's proposal to limit speculative
positions in commodities.
Reuters - December 14, 2010
Professor Greenberger discusses questions regarding JP Morgan's
copper and silver positions.
Wall Street Journal - December 13, 2010
Professor Greenberger defends the pace of market regulation.
TMCNews.com - December 12, 2010
Gary Gensler, chairman of the CFTC, mentions Professor
Greenberger in his opening remarks at a speech.
Philadelphia Inquirer - December 10, 2010
Professor Greenberger says excessive speculation by Wall Street is
once again contributing to the rising price of oil.
The Fiscal Times - December 9, 2010
The CFTC is prepared to propose new rules for regulating derivatives.
"Here & Now," NPR - December 6, 2010