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Michael Greenberger, JD
Michael Greenberger
Los Angeles Times-March 21, 2016
Testimony by Professor Greenberger was mentioned in the Los Angeles
Times article "Ted Cruz just named Phil Gramm his economic advisor.
Here's Gramm's economic legacy."
Crypto Coins News-November 9, 2015
Professor Greenberger commented on regulated exchange of bitcoins for
the article "LedgerX Moves Closer To Becoming a
Regulated Exchange For Bitcoin Options."
Mother Jones-September 17, 2015
Professor Greenberger was interviewed by Mother Jones for the story
"Bernie Sanders' Bank Plan: Too Big to Succeed?"
Marketplace-July 21, 2015
Professor Greenberger was interviewed for the article "Five Years on,
Dodd-Frank Still Controversial."
CNBC-July 17, 2015
Professor Greenberger was quoted for an article article examining the fifth
anniversary of Dodd-Frank, "Five Years on, Dodd-Frank Bank Rules Still
Being Written."
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