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Michael Greenberger, JD
Michael Greenberger 9, 2015
Discussing an interview with the Institute for New Economic Thinking, highlights Professor Greenberger in their post "Michael
Greenberger: Setting the State for the Next Financial Crisis."
Sputnik International-February 2, 2015
Professor Greenberger's thoughts on the effectiveness of fines versus jail
time for credit rating agency executives are featured in the article "Ex-DOJ
Official Says Imprisoning Wall Street Executives Could Deter Fraud."
Mother Jones-January 26, 2015
Referencing the volatile nature of automated trading, Professor
Greenberger is quoted in the article "The FBI Just Arrested an Alleged
Russian Spy Who Wanted to Know How to Trigger an Economic
TeleSur-January 13, 2015
Professor Greenberger is quoted in the blog "Wall Street Reform Aims to
Bring Back the 'Wild Old Days,'" which discussed the fate of Dodd-Frank
Bloomberg TV-December 17th, 2014
Examining a foreign investment company that used the unregulated forex
market as a cover, Professor Greenberger commented for the story "A
Global Scam Too Good to Be True."
NPR Radio-December 15th, 2014
Professor Greenberger joined experts on the Diane Rehm show to
discuss the Congressional spending bill and its effects on banks and
Wall Street.
Marketplace-December 11th, 2014
Also discussing the Congressional spending bill and Dodd-Frank,
Marketplace mentioned Professor Greenberger.
Mother Jones-December 11th, 2014
In the article "All About That Wall Street Giveaway That Elizabeth Warren
Hates" Professor Greenberger sat down for a question and answer about
the Citigroup-drafted provision within the Congressional spending bill.
Bloomberg-December 8th, 2014
Professor Greenberger was mentioned in the Bloomberg article "CFTC
Bans Credit Card Use by Retail Foreign Exchange Investors."  
Bloomberg Markets-December 2014
Professor Greenberger was interviewed for the December issue of
Bloomberg Markets in the article "The Lure of Forex: Conflict, Debt and
Loss in a $400 Billion Market."  He called the
retail forex market "100%
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