Michael Greenberger
Michael Greenberger, JD
Past Events: January - March 2013
Professor Greenberger has been invited by Dominican Republic
President Leonel Fernández to be the keynote speaker at an all-day
workshop sponsored by the President for Dominican government and
media representatives on the effect of excessive crude oil speculation
on that country’s economy.
August 30, 2008 ● Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
February 11, 2013, Washington, DC
C-FARE and USDA Economist Group Seminar, "The Impact of High
Price Volatility on Global Commodity Markets"
Professor Greenberger addresses a group of economists and other
policy advocates on the sources of high price levels and price volatility
in current global commodity markets and possible market reforms to
address these problems.

February 7-8, 2013, Washington, DC
George Washington University Center for Law, Economics, &
Finance,et. al.- "The Political Economy of Financial Regulation"
Professor Greenberger speaks at a conference that brings together
legal scholars, regulators, economists, and other stakeholders to
discuss the role of competing interests, inequities in financial
resources, and the influence of the political process in the drafting of
financial regulations.  Specifically, Professor Greenberger participated
on a panel on the future of financial regulation after the 2012 elections,
beginning at minute 58 of the attached video.

here for a detailed description of this event.

February 5, 2013, Washington, DC
CFTC Public Roundtable to Discuss Proposed Rulemaking
Enhancing Protections Afforded Customers and Funds Deposited by
Professor Greenberger discusses the CFTC's proposed protections
for customers of Futures Commission Merchants and Derivatives
Clearing Organizations, including disclosure requirements, financial
reporting, and segregation of accounts.