Michael Greenberger
Michael Greenberger, JD
May 19-20, 2014, Washington, DC
Critiquing Cost-Benefit Analysis of Financial Regulation
Professor Greenberger will be a co-commentator during the May 19
evening keynote
address at the George Washington University Law School,
along with other academics, think tank experts, and policy makers.
April 12, 2014, Toronto, Canada
Institute for New Economic Thinking and the Centre for International
Governance Innovation Annual Conference
Professor Greenberger will be a panelist for "The Problem of the Predator
State: Fostering Innovations While Facilitating Corporate Predation."
April 9-10, 2014, Washington, DC
Levy Institute Hyman P. Minsky Conference, "Stabilizing Financial
Systems for Growth and Full Employment"
Professor Greenberger will speak on jobless recovery and policies towards
achieving sustainable growth and full employment.

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