Media - February 2014
Michael Greenberger, JD
Michael Greenberger 2014
An excerpt from Jed Morey's book The Great American Disconnect  
mentions Professor Greenberger.
Orange County Register-February 21st, 2014
Professor Greenberger contributed to the article "UC Lost Millions on
Interest-Rate Bets."
Detroit News-February 19th, 2014
Coverage of Detroit's troubled pension deal included Professor
Greenberger's commentary on the city's bankruptcy settlement.
Detroit News-February 7th, 2014
Professor Greenberger was interviewed on the City of Detroit's
bankruptcy proceedings. 4th, 2014
An online newspaper in Bangladesh included comments by
Greenberger for a piece on speculation in oil markets.
Bloomberg-February 4th, 2014
Professor Greenberger comments on an article about the lesser known
effects of rate swaps on institutions such as Girard College in