Michael Greenberger
Michael Greenberger, JD
Media - September 2013
Gulf Today--September 30th, 2013
Professor Greenberger is mentioned in an article discussing the need for
reform of the credit rating agency system.
The Detroit News- September 23rd, 2013
Professor Greenberger is quoted in an article discussing bankruptcy court
challenges to Detroit emergency manager Kevyn Orr's proposal to pay UBS
and Bank of America $250 million to terminate an interest rate swap.
NPR--September 19th, 2013
Professor Greenberger speaks on NPR's All Things Considered regarding
JPMorgan's recent settlement stemming from the London Whale losses
and the continuing CFTC investigation into the case.
The National Journal--September 12th, 2013
Professor Greenberger comments on Larry Summers' record of
deregulating derivatives during Clinton Administration in an article
reviewing many reasons why Summers should not be the next Federal
Reserve chairman.
Mother Jones--September 12th, 2013
Professor Greenberger is quoted in an article discussing Larry Summers'
ties to Citigroup as a consultant, and how this relationship creates a
potential conflict of interest should Summers become the next Fed Chair.