Media - February 2013
Michael Greenberger, JD
Michael Greenberger
Market Watch-February 19, 2013
Professor Greenberger comments on how the D.C. Circuit Court of
Appeals frequently strikes down SEC and Dodd-Frank rules, in part
because of an imbalance of power on the court due a Senate gridlock
that has prevented any new appointees since 2006.
The Political Economy of Financial Regulation: Event at George
Washington University Center for Law-February 8, 2013
Professor Greenberger discusses the future of financial regulation
including legislative proposals for rolling back the protections of
Dodd-Frank. Professor Greenberger's remarks begin at minute 58 of
the linked video.
Christian Science Monitor-February 5, 2013
Professor Greenberger is quoted in an article discussing the Justice
Department's recent civil suit against credit rating agency S&P for
contributing to the financial crisis by providing triple-A ratings to junk