Media - March 2012
Michael Greenberger, JD
Michael Greenberger
The Real News Network - March 28, 2012
Professor Greenberger explains how speculation in crude oil markets
is increasing the price of gas at the pump and argues that the
Department of Justice should investigate manipulation in these
Huffington Post - March 27, 2012
Professor Greenberger argues that allowing U.S. banks to trade
derivatives outside of the United States without having to set aside
capital to cover trades like credit default swaps would undermine the
aims of Dodd-Frank and increase instability in derivatives markets.
New York Times - March 26, 2012 (interview begins at 4:40)
Professor Greenberger discusses Goldman Sachs’s customer
relations and speculation in commodities markets.
Star Tribune - March 24, 2012
commodities markets to serve investment interests and expresses
support for Senator Franken and Senator Klobuchar's attempts to
require the CFTC to use its emergency powers to temporarily curb
Fox Business News - March 21, 2012
Professor Greenberger argues in support of the Corzine rule, which
would require a principal like a CEO to approve large transfers of and
Washington Post - March 17, 2012
Professor Greenberger argues that requiring the CFTC to do
additional, extensive cost-benefit analysis before the agency finalizes a
regulation is unnecessarily burdensome and ignores the costs of the
2008 financial collapse.
PBS News Hour - March 15, 2012
Professor Greenberger comments on Greg Smith's op-ed article in
which the former trader criticizes the business culture at Goldman
Sachs and argues for stricter market reforms to help ensure that
banks work to advance their customers' interests.
Huffington Post - March 15, 2012
Professor Greenberger argues that the Justice Department should
investigate manipulation in commodities markets and that such an
investigation would almost certainly reduce speculation in these
Philadelphia Inquirer -  March 11, 2012
Professor Greenberger comments that speculation in the oil market is
increasing gas prices.