Michael Greenberger
Michael Greenberger, JD
Media - June 2011
MarketWatch - June 29, 2011
Professor Greenberger comments on the Securities and Exchange
Professor Greenberger is quoted, "it was understood that when you
CBC News - June 22, 2011
Professor Greenberger was among the witnesses to testify before a
Bloomberg - June 21, 2011
Professor Greenberger comments on the extensive lobbying efforts to
America's Democrats - June 20, 2011
Professor Greenberger discusses the "all-out-battle" by Republicans
to strip the Dodd-Frank Act of its consumer protection measures.
The Kansas City Star - June 15, 2011
Professor Greenberger explains the growing support for Gary Gensler,
The Huffington Post - June 15, 2011
Vermont in an op-ed titled, Stop Oil Speculation Now.
CommonDreams - June 16, 2011
regulators halt excessive oil speculation that has driven up gasoline
Il Sole 24 Ore - June 9, 2011
Commodity Exchange Act and regulation of derivatives.
The Washington Post - June 8, 2011
Professor Greenberger talks about the U.S. Senate vote rejecting a
Seeking Alpha - June 7, 2011
commodities regulation getting bogged down in Washington.
New York Times - June 6, 2011
banking sector, more than two dozen of the legislation's rules are
Professor Greenberger.
"Bubble Trouble," Michael Robinson (BBC)  - June 6, 2011
Platts Energy - June 2, 2011
Professor Greenberger comments on a story about the agency's new
anti-manipulation standard, and how the agency will likely pursue far
Platts Oilgram News - June 2, 2011
Professor Greenberger discusses the proposed anti-manipulation
allow the agency to infer fraud and manipulation from possibly
reckless actions.