Michael Greenberger
Michael Greenberger, JD
Media - November 2011
Professor Greenberger discusses the implications of Judge Rakoff's
November 28, 2011, ruling in SEC v. Citigroup Global Markets Inc.
WBUR - November 29, 2011
weaken efforts to implement robust financial reforms.
Washington Post - November 28, 2011
will step up to lead the financial reform effort that Congressman Frank
Wall Street Journal - November 18, 2011
Professor Greenberger comments on the fact that MF Global may have
Washington Post - November 16, 2011
Professor Greenberger anticipates that the meager funding proposed
by Congress for the Commodities and Futures Trading Commission
will prevent the agency from implementing and enforcing its
regulations and introduce new uncertainty into the markets.
WNYC News - November 11, 2011
Professor Greenberger explains that, in order to recover their losses, a
bankruptcy proceeding and even then they will likely recover pennies
on the dollar.
Reuters - November 11, 2011
Global desegregated customer funds.
Professor Greenberger observes that U.S. hedge funds are concerned
credit-default swaps on sovereign debt.
Washington Post - November 8, 2011
Professor Greenberger suggests that although the Commodities
WNYC News - November 7, 2011
Professor Greenberger comments on the possible ramifications of MF
Global's collapse.
Forbes - November 3, 2011
Wall Street Journal - November 3, 2011
Professor Greenberger notes that hedge funds are concerned that
Financial Times - November 2, 2011
Professor Greenberger comments that MF Global's bankruptcy
immediately track missing customer segregated funds.