Michael Greenberger
Michael Greenberger, JD
Media - October 2011
Bloomberg - October 28, 2011
Professor Greenberger suggestions that the CFTC's position limits
rule may curb excessive speculation in derivatives markets.
New York Times - October 27, 2011
Professor Greenberger argues that a decision not to categorize the
leaders as a "default" would dissuade further speculation on the
European debt crisis.
Al Jeezera - October 27, 2011
Professor Greenberger is interviewed about how speculation in oil
consumer groups, and commercial end users on the basis that the
limits are arbitrary and capricious.
IBTimes Gold - October 18, 2011
Professor Greenberger considers the possibility of a legal challenge
to the position limits that the CFTC recently adopted and argues that a
Professor Greenberger expresses concern that the Commodities